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The public gets sick of looking at the same faces on websites and checkout mags and I am sick of looking at Racheal Ray and she is out to gain the whole world.

Hear, hear!

I used to be a big fan of hers when she had her 2 shows on the Food Network but the past 3 years are just too much of her! Everywhere you look it's Rachel Ray! Books,Magazines,Talk Shows etc....I still think she's cute as hell but I just can't understand how she seems to be all over the place. Her husband looks like a dork!

I hear you, Shannon Macri! When I first heard of Rachael Ray, I didn't bear her any ill will, but I also wasn't a fan--she was just another celebrity whose presence I ignored. Then she started showing up EVERYWHERE, and the more I saw of her, the more I saw her behaving hypocritically and contradicting herself. Then her flat-out lies began, and the whoring-out of her talentless husband, and that was when I snapped and joined RRSux/The Bored Board.

I don't get why you hate her? Have you even met her.

Well, hello out there in the Canadian west!

Yes, many of RRSux's current and previous members over the years are former Rachael Ray fans who quickly learned to dislike her after they met her. Maybe it was her rudeness when the cameras aren't rolling. Maybe it's her tendency to tell what seems to be a new lie every week. Who can say what did it for each individual person? But their admiration soon turned to disgust once they got to know her, and they found their way here. Others simply don't care for her public persona. We're allowed to not like everyone in the world. Especially when someone has a bad reputation from the people who actually know that person.

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The comment this is replying to was never unscreened due to its content. But now I'm remarking on it because I'd rather shame potential sexual offenders than ignore them. The poster wanted to sexually assault Rachael Ray. While I may despise the person and her work, that doesn't mean I think she should get raped. By the way, dude, if you think forcing your man-meat down Rachael's throat is in any way appropriate, no, you're NOT a fan. You're just a rapist. I feel sorry for her having people like you calling themselves her fans.

The offender's comment was posted from IP address

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Country: United States
State/Region: Texas
City: Terlingua
Latitude: 29.4518 (29° 27′ 6.48″ N)
Longitude: -103.5845 (103° 35′ 4.20″ W)
Area Code: 432
Postal Code: 79852

Well. Good to know that rape culture is still alive and well in Terlingua, Texas! I'll be sure never to go there.

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wheres the fat ass who created the rachel ray sucks website. names please......

"Fat ass"? You really shouldn't talk about yourself that way. I'm sure you're not THAT overweight.

Who loves to see the skinny Rachel Ray? Doesn't it just make your day? She's all svelt and poised and lovely? Who is that female? It's not RR. the fatso!!!
She's a fat liar!!! Just like; Paula Dean. Diabetes, she can't eat what she teaches you to cook!

That comment--it's like poetry! Snarky, snarky poetry. :D

i think has a booze problem. she doesn't smile much any more because she is hungover. and her shows suck.

Concise and to the point. I like it!

Rachel Ray is not her real name.
Dan DeNicola discovered her working behind a deli at Cowan & Lobel in Albany,NY.
He was a movie critic on channel 6.
He put her on an entertaining show with him on Channel 6.
I thought he was her dad.
One day i saw them leaving Crossgates theatres holding hands, lovey dovey style!
He had a stroke, and heart problems.
He died a few years ago
She never credited him or thanked him on the air,or her books!

I wish I could say that surprises me, but sadly, yours is not the first tale like this I've heard about her! If only people would open their eyes and see what she's really like....But, no, too many people don't like to do their own thinking and will blindly accept what they see on TV as real. Thank you for sharing, friend.

I think I have a very good story as to why I hate Rachael Ray....Here it is! I was one of the very few people who won her JUST6 Jet Away to Meet Rachael Ray's sweepstakes a few months ago. I was recently recuperating from a 13 hour surgery to remove a baseball-size melanoma from my face. Got clear to fly from my doctors. I was very excited to be on her show and get to meet her, etc.... When I arrived to New York and finally got to her show, she and her staff not only did not mention the fact that they had a winner to the JUST6 sweepstakes, but she also dissed me and my guest. I assume because I had a partial face paralysis and could not be photogenic enough to meet her or be photographed. She is extremely rude to her guests and very selfish. I will never watch her show again or buy any of her products!

I would really like to thank you for sharing your experience, and I feel awful that this happened to you. I'd love to see Ray mend her ways and become a better person so stories like yours don't keep happening, but that doesn't seem likely to happen. It honestly breaks my heart. I'm not a member of the anti-Ray community out of blind hatred because I don't like her shows--I'm a member because she's just not a good person, and I can't stand seeing bad people get ahead in the world and continue their lies and manipulations.

Some of the current/previous members of Rachael Ray Sux!/The Bored Board have also met her and been insulted or disappointed by her behaviour. I really wish people would start realizing that these stories are not flukes. If you see this comment, did you have to pay your own travel expenses? You mentioned you were originally one of the winners but also that you found out later they'd actually picked someone else over you. (I'd be willing to bet they picked "substitute winners" in advance in case one of the real winners wasn't photogenic enough to meet their ridiculous standards or was unavailable to attend.) So I was just curious if you were also screwed out of the time and money it took to "meet" her...in quotes because I'm guessing you were totally ignored, from your description?

Again, thank you for sharing this. People need to know their idols are not perfect, and are sometimes just plain bad people!

She is like nails on a chalk board to me. I can't stand her from the very beginning of her career. Her Joker fake smile, her awful "mess-ipies, her hugely disproportionately huge portions (that can each feed 4 people) meant for one person, and on and on. She is fake in everything she does, and it shows. She is a moron, and it shows. As far as her empire growth spurt, thank Oprah for that. They met, and Oprah liked her, for God knows why, but Oprah mentored her on starting the magazine, another talk show mixed with cooking hints, and selling her kitchenware. It was all Oprah, she produced her show, and when Oprah went to her own network, the local stations dropped Ray. Oprah now repeats the morons old shows on OWN. If the moron is so good, why doesn't Oprah produce new shows on OWN? Ray constantly credits her mom and granddad for her recipes, her mom should have had the shows, not that idiot daughter. She also constantly says that she copies other chef's recipes, changes them in some small way, so that makes it okay. What an idiot! When she has eaten at a restaurant and had a great meal, she changes the almonds in the recipe to walnuts, calls it her own, throws it into a cookbook and sells it. Real creative. I have not been able to understand her appeal through the years. She has no talent, I have not heard one original idea out of her big mouth. I hope people wake up and see her for the moron she is. Thanks for listening. Thanks for restarting rrsux.

I would've actually had some very positive responses to make to this comment, had you not later started attacking me and, by proxy, my friends at the Bored Board.

The above comment beginning "She is like nails on a chalk board to me. I can't stand her from the very beginning of her career", and the two pasted below were all left by the same person in Long Beach, CA, who appears to have gone off the rails completely in just a few short weeks while I was out of town. How DARE I not immediately seek out the nearest Internet-enabled computer and glue myself to it to check every five seconds for comments so I can *immediately* reply?! Their other comments:

I know now your blog is a scam. I posted over a month ago and my comments were never posted. Good job, fool the people all the time. You are just as bad as RR, and her fake smile, and phones personality. You morons are fooling no one.

This site was created just to protect RR. You post only your fake blogs. Oprah is still protecting RR it looks like. It does not matter, people still hate her, she is stupid and could not create herself out of a paper bag. Prove me wrong and post this entry. We still meet and tear RR apart because it is so easy to do with morons like her. We contact her sponsors and let them know no one watches that idiot, and we will not buy their products as long as they sponsor her.

I know now your blog is a scam. I posted over a month ago and my comments were never posted. Good job, fool the people all the time. You are just as bad as RR, and her fake smile, and phones personality. You morons are fooling no one.

The reason your earlier comment didn't show up yet is because I was traveling out of state and away from the Internet from February 22-March 16. I just logged into LJ today, for the first time since I left town, because, believe it or not, my life doesn't revolve around pleasing a total stranger on the Internet by unscreening and responding to their comments the moment they're submitted.

Looking at the content of your three comments at the time you're writing this, wild accusations and all (you must be getting way too much sun out there in Long Beach, CA), it'd be more embarrassing for you if I DO unscreen them all for the world to see. Since you also want them unscreened, I'm seeing this as a win for everybody. };)

This site was created just to protect RR. You post only your fake blogs. Oprah is still protecting RR it looks like. It does not matter, people still hate her, she is stupid and could not create herself out of a paper bag. Prove me wrong and post this entry. We still meet and tear RR apart because it is so easy to do with morons like her. We contact her sponsors and let them know no one watches that idiot, and we will not buy their products as long as they sponsor her.

The Bored Board is going to have a field day with these comments! :D By the way, I'm not a a TOTALLY awful person. Just mostly awful. I'll stop teasing you if you stop acting like this LJ account is some gubmint conspiracy cooked up just to spite you and you alone. :)


You are FAR from the only one who thinks that, don't worry there! :)

(Sorry for the delay in responding to your comment. My email service put the comment notification in the spam box for some stupid reason, even though I've told it to always approve LiveJournal mailings. :/ )

I don't understand why, if all you members detest how much she is in the media, you all are devoting so much attention to her? Even negative attention is attention and the fact that you all are on this site ranting about her just brings more attention to her. Sad...

The bigger question is--and I don't mean this to sound as snarky as it probably does--why do you even care that people on the Internet are doing something perfectly legal that just happens to not be to your taste? We don't go to your Twitter and ask questions like "If you're upset about how the Broncos game is going, why do you waste time tweeting about it, instead of just shaking your head and going on with your life?" Sad....

The answer is exactly the same for you as it is for the Bored Board: because we get entertainment value out of talking about it.

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Ten years ago, with her star on the rise at Food Network, she attracted viewers by wearing tight clothes that showed off her cute figure. Now that she's a decade older and a few pounds heavier, all she wears is loose, dark-colored clothes made for fat women. She gave explicit instructions to the camera crew of her show not to shoot her from behind. Says she doesn't like her ass, or something.
Not that anyone wants to see her anymore, anyway. She dyed her natural light brown hair a hideous black and wears way too much make-up. She's lost that girl-next-door image, which was most of her appeal. And it doesn't help that she chose to marry the lead singer of an unknown rock band who has a foot fetish and enjoys getting peed on.
She's a long way from that sexy FHM photo shoot!

Preach it! It's been said many times, but doesn't make it any less true--I agree with everything you've said. It's not at all appealing how she's tried to cling onto her fading youth. And the fact that she constantly insists she's a size six, when it's been years since that applied to her, is just yet more lies to feed her ego and deceive her followers.

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Her neurotic behavior just drives me nuts...I am ATTEMPTING to watch her today because there are cute puppies on the show, but I am screaming at the t.v. screen because she makes me lose it with her constant face touching, hand waving, and slouched-over posture (even at the interview table). The ONLY thing I like about her is that she loves animals. I'll never watch her again--it's not good for my mental health.

Gotta protect that sanity! Believe me, you'll miss it when it's gone. Or so I'm told. ;)

By the way, if it's cute animals you want, I'd love to recommend http://www.zooborns.com/ if you haven't already been there!

I'd like to find some place to discuss her attire on her daytime show. Who on earth puts a 5'4" chubby in those skin tight unflattering dresses? The low cut tops make her boobs look like they are drawn on with shadow cream or something. They certainly don't look like breasts, even small ones. She claims to run 5 miles every morning? Maybe in her sleep. She just keeps getting larger and larger and no one seems to know how to dress her to camoflage her weight gain. It's like they want her to look like a porker?

Haha, you'd fit in well at boardoutmind! They talk about these very topics all the time.

I live near her and I could cook circles around her

Haha, good to know! It'd be great for everyone to get together and show her up someday with their "non-famous" cooking skills.

I just finished watching an episode of RR. She had some other food network person on named Sunny Anderson. I was gritting my teeth and even screamed at the T.V. a couple times watching that poor Sunny lady try to get in two words without RR talking over her, cutting her off. It was so rude. Sunny would start listing the ingredients she was using and Rachel would start talking right over her listing them in a different order. It was impossible to understand. Ridiculous.

Thank you for chiming in! Her inability to just shut up and let someone else have the spotlight for a change is a huuuuuuugely common reason why people dislike her. You'd think she'd have learned something, with all the complaints people have had about this over the years, but I guess you can't make someone think.

I don't watch morning TV very often, but over the past couple month I've had some free time in the AM. The RR show has come on and I find myself watching in disbelief. I just keep wondering what's wrong with Rachael? Does she have a health problem? She just doesn't look good. It also seems as if she is unhappy. She is so bossy and grumpy and cuts her guests off or over talks them. Weird. Maybe its more like a reality show, life is rough and Rachael hasn't been able to escape its challenges. Surprising that its still on the air.

You've pretty much perfectly summed up *exactly* what many people have complained about over the years. It's been a long-running problem of Rach's. Now that the looks and fake personality she glided by on for so many years are fading, she's having to actually work for a living--and it doesn't seem to be agreeing with her.

Talks over guests with that annoying raspy voice. Like fingernails on a chalkboard.

Preach it, anon! I'm amazed anyone can deny she does that, with all the complaints I see just here on LJ.

I hate!

I hate everyone and everything. Especially the guy who started this website. What a little bitch.

You must be very lonely to be so hateful, El Paso.

You guys ever notice how the comments from people who are not Rachael Ray fans tend to be (though not always) fairly well-reasoned...while the comments from her fans are just a bunch of "ur just jeluz haturs" insults? What does this say about all of you who like you some Ray, hmmmmm?

This comment I'm replying to is so uncreative and generic that I'm too bored to waste any more time on it.

.20 Tip for an Employee....

Le Sean Mc Coy is Rachael Ray's Brother.......
Looks like he and she share the same thoughts about when leaving a tip for an Employee....
How low can you go?!!!

Re: .20 Tip for an Employee....

You must have seen that photo piece this week about Ray being one of "America's Most Infamous Tippers"!

Jackie Kennedy

The former first lady Jackie Kennedy purposefully left out ingredients in recipes she'd give to women news reporters at the White House, so contemptuous was she of the press (news media.) She was a hard-faced creature and rumors swirled in Washington at that time that she was a man in drag. Rachael is her equal, she leaves out ingredients in recipes on purpose, so contemptuous of her audience, and her husband is a womanizer because she ain't that much of a woman.

Sure you're not already a member of the Bored Board, cuzzin? You've got the snark down cold! Brilliant!

R. R. and magazine staff

Rachael Ray and at least some of her magazine staff either have their heads up their own butts or each others !!! Isn't it obvious that R.R. Is all about the $$$. Think she is a share holder in Food network, must be. But what blows my mind is that no one has commented on her truly screwed up Oct.2014 magazine issue. Not sure if Canadian issue is different than U.S.A. But there are pages missing, magazine goes from pages 1-67 just fine,then jumps to pg.99. I have sent at least 15 messages to official R.R. site and only 1 response. It sent me to a site that answered computer ? Before they would answer anything they requested a $40.00 U.S. fee. Ya!!! No thank you. MOOO !!! Still waiting for proof readers to sober up ? I'm also never gonna look sideways at it again Another Dumb Canadian

Re: R. R. and magazine staff

You don't sound dumb to me! You were smart enough to notice and try to speak up against something that is wrong. Other people at http://community.livejournal.com/boardoutmind/ have shared tales of ripoff techniques in RR's magazine (and some of her other products), so this is definitely not an isolated event. I really hope you can get a personal response or a refund for your bad situation, but I'm having trouble being too hopeful about that, looking at previous history!


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