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Rachael Ray Sucks--Now in a NEW Location!

Our New Home is The Bored Board

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Rachael Ray Sucks Has MOVED!
9 June
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  • rachael_ray_sux@livejournal.com
Looking for Rachael Ray Sucks? Then read on!

Rachael Ray Sucks has MOVED! We're still alive and kicking at http://community.livejournal.com/boardoutmind, also known as The Bored Board.

Many of the hilarious entries there are not public due to spambots roaming free across the plains Interwebs; feel free to join up so you can see everything that makes the Board great!

The members of RRSux decided that there's so much mediocrity in the world that we wanted to expand our focus to snicker at all of it. Rachael Ray is still a primary--and daily--target, but no stupidity is safe at our new home. We're friendly to everyone, as long as you're open-minded and have multiple brain cells. Follow the link above, 'cause you're more than welcome to join in!

Before you comment (put in big font since some people apparently can't read anything that uses lowercase and doesn't praise Rachael Ray):

1: I AM NOT THE FOUNDER OF RACHAEL RAY SUCKS! (The woman who was featured on that Biography TV special about Rachael Ray.) I DON'T KNOW HER CONTACT INFO. I DON'T KNOW HOW YOU CAN REACH HER.
I'm just an "archivist" who's preserving this community username.

2: RACHAEL RAY HAS NO PROBLEM WITH ANTI-RR COMMUNITIES, SO WHY SHOULD YOU? As LJ user The Only Rachel put it, "Rachael Ray herself has managed to laugh off the whole idea of hate sites. She says it's a test of her success that she has so many enemies. She has said she can't be all things to all people. She says we're right about most of our critiques of her cooking. I'm sure some of these comments hurt (she wouldn't be human if they didn't) but publicly she's pretty cool with our existence, so why can't the [Rachael Ray fans], who truly believe her public persona is real and genuine and who hang on everything she says, just chill?" Hateful comments posted here will be mocked, deleted, and crossposted to the Board to be mocked some more.

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